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Consulting Services

Without doubt, the best value for money is purchasing TimeChainage licenses for your business. But if you just need a one-off time chainage chart, or you need one in a hurry or you simply do not have a planning resource available, then we can provide a service to produce a time chainage chart for you.

We can create your time chainage chart from scratch, or make use of data from your Primavera P6 schedule. We just need an Excel data dump from your schedule, not the full XER file, so you do not have to disclose any sensitive resource or cost data.

Please be assured that all programme information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

What We Do

Peter Milton Planning offers the following consulting services:
  • Production of bespoke Tender and Project time chainage charts to suit your specific needs
  • Updating Time Chainage Charts with project progress
  • Unique progress reports


The price of our services will depend on the size and complexity of the schedule. Time Chainage charts typically use far fewer activities than a Gantt bar chart programme, so the cost may be less than you imagine.

Contact us to obtain a quote.

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